Remove Malware

From Your Hacked Website

Weย  clear out malware from your site and also secure it completely.ย 

Recover your website from cyberpunk

We are expert in serving businesses and individual to get again the power of authority of their website into their hands. If you are also face the trouble related to hacked website, drop us a message or contact us. We will come into action promptly.ย ย 

Website shows some indication which tell you your website has been hacked

  • Homepage material will be defaced or vandalized.
  • Web traffic is being redirect to a banned / unlawful / adult domain.
  • ย You are unable to login into your website and being locked out from your website.
  • The stuff of website contains fake advertisements and illegal things which could further infect the computers of your sites users.
  • A sudden decrease in speed and performance cannot be caused by a hack for no clear reason.
  • Google has flagged or blacklisted your website, Antivirus start restricting your website as insecure.
  • Google Analytics reveals you to be random / unrelated keywords

Is your site showing this type of alert?

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Our Amenities

Phreaking Page Removal

High on Rank is providing phreaking page removal service which allows to your audience to perform unwanted actions.

Search Engine Blacklist Removal

Phishing exploit your laborious earned google ranking. Our service of blacklist removal helps to clean up all dirty and tarnish SEO from your website which makes good relation between your website and google.

Remove Malware & Backdoor

Malicious script is hidden by the cybercriminal in short backdoor, to continue your site and compromise it again. We explore all the backdoor or malware vanished by cybercriminal and subtlety remove it.

Restoring Tarnish Pages

Restore the visual appearance of your website when it has been distorted by a hacker.

Website Protection

High on Rank provides 24*7 Protection to your website. We use advanced firewall security.

Remove Malicious Code

We identify all the malicious code or script which trouble into the website after that our engineer recaptures the hacker's script from all defaced pages.

Protection with High on Rank

Are you worried about your hacked website? You need a person who can fix your website meticulously. You may be one of the victims who is affected by the hackers. You may get some unfamiliar messages from search engines, emails, and notification from the browsers, etc. and noticed some changes on search engines result. Every day hackers compromise thousands of websites. The compromises are usually hidden from the users but, visitors who view the page are at a risk. High on Rank’s security engineers will surely examine your website and provide advice and recommendation on how to protect and be aware against the hackers.

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