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how to seller registration on amazon India

In the world of online, Ecommerce is the boon for many businessmen and for other people who are seek for start-up their business online. Starting a new business online is as simple as making a pie. For any retailer or a wholesaler, offline business is expensive as compare to online selling business. Seller no need for physical store for their products.

Amazon is the online place where one sell or one buy with trust. Amazon is extremely big online market. The company was founded in the United states of America by Jeff Bezos in Bellevue Washington. Amazon India was launched in 2013 and now become super famous in India. Amazon sells millions of goods in India now.

Do you have any plan for set up online business on Donโ€™t procrastinate, everything you need, you will get in this article. For making profit in hurry or without any hassle way, need to register yourself on Amazon Seller Central. Amazon is always ready to help you to grow your business with reliable customers.

Few steps away to register yourself on amazon, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, upload essential pictures of your product from different angles.
  • Donโ€™t forget to write proper product description and take care of length of description.
  • Now, customers are ready to buy your product as it is live on for sale.
  • Whenever customer buy your product, you will get a notification from Amazon and you can manage schedule according to your suitable timing for delivery.
  • You will get your payment within 7 working days from the shipping
  • This payment will be deposit in your active bank account which is registered on Amazon Seller Central.
  • At the time of Delivery, consumer will be inspecting your shipment. In case of return, you will get your returned product within 2-4 working days without any extra charge.
  • If your product loss or damaged, you will get your sales proceed from Amazon.

Cost for all the process:

You have to bear shipping fee, only when product sold from Along with that you have to pay selling fee, which starts from 3% per item sold. Rate of selling fee is different as per categories of the item.

So, donโ€™t delay for tomorrow register now on Amazon and live your dreams.

Benefits to sell on Amazon

Get safe payment on daily basis

No worry for payments as payment directly deposited into your bank account even though payment on delivery also reached into your bank safely.

Choose FBA and relax

Amazon gives great opportunities for their seller through Fulfilment by Amazon, choose FBA and ship your products tension free, let amazon take care of your product. And just focus on your business analytics.

No time boundation

Seller has opportunity to sell their product any time and any day due to 24*7 service of amazon as your business also open 24*7. You never miss any single customer due to closing.

Get benefits form deals

Amazon added a best feature for selling products on deals where most of the time customer visited on Todayโ€™s deal page. The most visible merchandising slots go quickly, so act fast. ย 

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